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Thermal Cyclers
• Slim™ Thermal Cycler 16-well
• Premium™ Thermal Cycler Gradient 96
• AgileCycler™ Thermal Cylcer Color Gradient 96
• Lux™ Thermal Cycler (Interchangeable Block System-Gradient)

SpotLiter™ 96well Plate Light Tracker
SpotLiter™ provides simple way to track loading reagent by lighting up the target well which can be single or complete/partial row or column of wells or all 96 wells. Easy control by foot pedal or control panel. Great companion tool for nearly every 96 well plate operating scientist in research and diagnostic markets. Unit comes with one year warranty, includes foot pedal and power supply.

AgileReader™ ELISA Plate Reader
Using high quality optical components, AgileReader™ ELISA plate reader performs ELISA measurements between the wavelength of 340~750nm with end point, two point, and kinetic measurement method. The instrument has built-in incubator and shaker for temperature sensitive kinetics measurements. PC-Mate software is included to interface with PC which controls, stores, and transfers data from instrument to the PC.

Other instruments include-
• AgileMixer™ Vortex Mixer
• DryBlock™ Dry Bath
• AgileGrinder™ Portable Tissue Grinder
• Infinigen™ Tissue Mixer Mill
• AgilePipettor™ Manual Pipettor

Also available with ACTGene are molecular biology grade reagents for Nucleic acid electrophoresis, protein electrophoresis, PCR reagents, antibiotics, Transfection reagent and plasticware.


AirClean® Systems products incorporate state-of-the-art microprocessor-based controllers and monitoring systems. Critical to any ductless safety product, the monitoring system must be able to alert the operator if the filters fail, if there is insufficient airflow, or if filter replacement is necessary. All alarms associated with the monitoring system are designed to alert the user immediately if adverse conditions arise.

Ductless Fume Hoods : AirClean® Systems manufactures ductless fume hoods, chemical workstations, and enclosures to protect the operator from exposure to toxic vapors, gases, fumes, and particulate. AirClean® Systems ductless solutions incorporate a state-of-the-art microprocessor safety controller and revolutionary gas phase bonded-carbon filtration.

Laminar Flow Hoods : AirClean® Systems manufactures a wide range of ductless laminar flow hoods, workstations and clean benches for creating a particle-free Class 100 (ISO 5) environment. These workstations are available in numerous sizes and styles to meet a variety of applications.

Total Exhaust Hoods : AirClean® Systems, as a leading manufacturer of ductless fume exhaust hoods, workstations, and enclosures, realizes that all applications can not effectively or safely be manipulated in a ductless hood, workstation or enclosure.

PCR Workstation : AirClean® Systems AC600 PCR Hood Series has been designed to create an application solution for the manipulation and amplification of DNA and RNA. Cross-contamination during amplification of DNA and RNA can lead to results that are inaccurate. These results cost the lab technician valuable time and consume expensive reagents. Incorporating an AirClean® Systems Combination PCR Hood into the procedure minimizes the potential for cross-contamination.

Microscope Enclosure : AirClean® Systems ductless microscope enclosures provide either a Class 100 work environment or protect the operator from exposure to chemical fumes, vapors or particulate. Each enclosure is designed to work with a range of microscopes. The microscope access port allows for easy access of the eyepiece and viewing platform.

Forensic Containment Solutions : AirClean® Systems manufactures a complete range of forensic containment products for today’s law enforcement professional. AirClean® Systems ductless fume hoods, workstations, and chambers provide protection to the law enforcement professional, the forensic evidence or a combination of both.

Custom Enclosures : Over the last 16 years, AirClean® Systems has built numerous custom enclosures in order to provide the best level of protection to the customer or their application. Customization can range from small modifications to existing models up to completely custom application-specific enclosures.


Buck Scientific Since 1970 Buck Scientific instruments have been made in America to exacting standards.Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, Infrared Spectrometers, UV /Visible Spectrometers, Gas Chromotagraph, High Performance Liquid Chromotagraph, Flame Photometer, Sodium Analyzer,Mercury Analyzer, Mercury(Hg)Analyzer, Solent Scientific Microscope Incubation Chambers, and a host of Instruments and their accessories.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers - Buck manufactures three Atomic absorption spectrophotometer models for trace metals analysis of liquid samples.
• 205AAS bare bones AA
• 210VGP dual background correction
• Accusys 211 automated gas controls
• Advanced Atomic Absorption Package
• 210VGP with Graphite furnace & Autosampler

Infrared Spectrophotometers - Buck Quick Scanning Infrared is used to determine the components of organic compounds. It covers the mid IR (4000-600CM-1) and is the low cost alternative to expensive FTIR systems.

High Performance Liquid Chromatographs - Buck offers isocratic, and gradient HPLC systems. All Buck HPLC & GC systems run free PeakSimple software!

VIS & UV/VIS Spectrophotometers - Buck offer everyting from single wavelength Vis systems to double beam scanning research UV/Vis spectrophotometers.


BMT USA BioPharm Solutions as Specific as your Application : Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies have complex and diverse production needs, BMT USA offer highly customized solutions to each customer’s needs without sacrificing quality, reliability or value. We offer complete systems in water purification, pure and clean steam, steam sterilizers and dry heat ovens.

Multiple Effect Water Stills - Combining the advantages of the natural circulation method of distillation with the separation of pyrogens by forcing the steam produced to make a number of rigorous turns, the Pharmatec Multiple-Effect Water Still produces the highest quality Water-For-Injection regardless of the quality of water feeding the unit.

Pure Steam Generators - Pharmatec Pure Steam Generators utilize an efficient evaporation column identical to the Pharmatec Multiple-Effect Water Still, thereby providing the highest quality Pure Steam. When condensed, the pure steam exceeds the requirements of the latest US Pharmacopoeia for Water-for-Injection. Each unit is produced to comply with the US FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices and is manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Unisteri - The Unisteri HP IL is a unique, compact, multipurpose steam sterilizer with chamber volumes of 2.5 ft3, 5.6 ft3 and 8.47 ft3 (73, 160 and 254 liters). It is designed to effectively sterilize all instrumentation, materials, textiles, rubber and plastics that are heat resistant. It is also suitable for media cultivation and sterilization of solutions. If you require speed, reliability and the highest level of sterilization safety, then the Unisteri HP IL Sterilizer is the right choice. Widely used in hospital surgical wards and daily clinics, smaller central sterilization departments, emergency service centers, dentistry clinics, microbiological worksites, and laboratories.

Venticell - The Venticell utilize a patented air flow system to achieve very accurate temperature distribution within the chamber. A central fan in the top of the Venticell forces air through computer-engineered precision air ports located in the air distribution plates within the chamber. This leads to higher rates of heating and shorter drying times.


Tube Rocker,
Nutating Mixer / Rocker,
Blot / Gel Mixer,
Vortex Mixer,
Hotplate / Magnetic Stirrer Rocker,
Mini Centrifuge,
Digital Dry Bath,
Incubator - Mini Water Bath - 6 Liter,

Also available are a range of high-quality plastic ware, glassware, microscopic slides, serological pipettes, freezer boxes and many more.


N-BIOTEK, INC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of biotechnology related laboratory equipments locate in Korea with 27 years experience. N-BIOTEK, INC. is currently well known all around the world for its good quality, competitive price and unique features such as IR-concentrator, vibration free shaker (magnetic induction type), user friendly incubators (CO2 incubator, Shaking incubator), Shakers and Water bath. Our products are made to comply with or exceed stabdards required for CE certification, ISO and GMO.

Beauty Cell- Multi Functional Bio-work station with built in centrifuge, shaking incubator, particle meter.

LICES- provide the same environment with inside of incubator during the observation and experimentation by sustaining the required Humidity, CO2 and Temperature.

Incubators CO2 incubator- Mini, Medium and Large, CO2 incubator with roller and shaker, Cooling incubator, Desktop shaking incubator- Mini and large Cooling shaking incubator, General Incubator, Hybridization incubator

Shakers-Mini, medium and stackable

Water baths-General, stirrer and shaking

Thermal blocks, IR Concentrator, Biological safety cabinet, Autoclaves- Horizontal and vertical models, Hot air oven, Live cell stations


Mini-Centrifuge: Exclusive 3-in-1 rotor design. Multiple reaction tubes all-in-one. Compatible with 0.5ml / 1.5ml / 2 ml microcentrifuge tubes and 0.2ml / 0.1 ml / 8-strip PCR tubes.Robust lid supporting shaft design.Easy open/close lid design for single hand operation.
Colorful and fun appearance.

Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System: The Gel Electrophoresis System, are a horizontal electrophoresis apparatus, in which  the whole gel is submerged in buffer during electrophoresis, known as "submarine" or "submerged" gel system. These systems are ideal for high resolution of all sizes of DNA and RNA separation. Recenttec mini-GES cell is designed to meet the international electrical safety standard EN61010, LVD regulations and is CE marked. 

Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Blotting System : Concorde V-GES & Blotter is a gel transfer apparatus, which includes an electrophoresis tank, one Blotter cassette holder and two electrode cassette/plate assembly. The system allows transferring two gels simultaneously. Blotter is applicable for SDS-PAGE and nucleic acid gels. Concorde V-GES & Blotter is designed to meet the international electrical safety standard EN61010 and LVD regulations and is CE marked. 

Also available: Semi-Dry Blotter System, Power Supply, Microplate Washer, Microplate Vacuum, IEF Do-It-Right, Liquid Handling Equipment and Bioreagents for Protein Gel staining, Western Blotting, Protein Purification, Gel electrophoresis, Recombinant Proteins and Filters.


LigandTracer Instruments
Ridgeview Instruments AB provides a novel real-time monitoring instrument, LigandTracer, for high resolution characterization and screening of cells. Thorough characterization of cells is important in order to understand biologic relationships, an important milestone towards more effective drugs. LigandTracer performs time-resolved cell based assays with minimal use of disposables and manual intervention. Common applications are binding assays, such as ligand-receptor and antibody-antigen, PET/SPECT tracer binding kinetics, and time-resolved viability assays.


JP Selecta
Over more than 60 years as manufacturers of scientific equipments for laboratories, J.P. Selecta has achieved in consolidating a prestigious position in this market, distributing to more than 100 countries. A wide range of instruments are manufactured and supplied by JP Selecta some of which include Stirrers, Pumps, Autoclaves, Low temperature cabinets, Water baths, Immersion thermostats, Ovens, Incubators, Furnace, Centrifuges, Analytical balances, Microscopes, Viscometers, Laboratory biological reactors, Monitoring systems, pH meters, Colorimeters, Conductivity meters, Spectrophotometers, Microtitter strip reader, Microplate reader and washer, Thermocyclers, Dispensing pipettes, Digital counter for blood and colony counter, Kjheldahl Apparatus, Extractor for fats and oil, Sample hydrolysis systems and many more.

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Thermal Cycler
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UVisDrop ACTGene UVisDrop
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